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Nibs van der Spuy Records ‘a House across the River’ at Sesalos

Nibs van der Spuy is back in the studio doing finishing touches to his upcoming release, ‘A House across the River’. Nibs has chosen Sesalos studios in Westville, Kwa-Zulu again as his recording base. This is where he recorded his critically acclaimed, ‘Beautiful Feet’ 2006 and ‘a Bird in the Hand’ 2008 with engineering/producer guru Brent Quinton.

Nibs records at Durban Recording Studio, SesalosNibs work very closely with a trio on this album using his old friend Gareth Gale (drums/percussion) and Kieran Smith (bass/cello). Continuing with his name being recognised in the ‘Nu Folk’ movement in many territories, Nibs hasn’t been afraid to stretch his boundaries into the Americana, English Country and Country genres. This can be heard on his cover of Tim Buckley’s ‘Cripples Cry’ an unreleased Buckley gem only seeing the light with his ‘Live at the Folklore Centre 1967’ release. Besides a trio version of the Allman Brother’s ‘Little Martha’, Nibs has written all the other compositions dividing his fingerboard prowess between his Acoustic, Puerto Rican 10 string Cuatro and Electric guitars.

The subject matter deals with lost dreams and opportunities, thirsting for the past and carbon copying the spirit of youthfulness and re-living it all over again.

Special guests will include;

  • Piers Faccini
  • Guy Buttery
  • Farryl Purkiss

‘A House across the River’ will be released in South Africa in April, followed by Europe in June on the 2 FEET label.

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