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Software & App Development

Sesalos has over 20 years of experience in developing desktop and mobile applications for small, medium and large businesses. Over the past 2 decades we have developed vertically integrated platforms and solutions for the Insurance, Medical, Construction, Security and Infrastructure sectors.

We focus on developing an integrated stack of cloud based database infrastructures, accessed via desktop and mobile applications for Supplier and Client, as well as all necessary hardware to ensure seamless functioning of the solution including: desktop and mobile terminals, fingerprint readers, document printers, point of sale printers, label printers, document scanners, barcode scanners and QR scanners.

Video Production

Video is the new document. Are you ready?

Sesalos has a proven track record in delivering cost-effective commercials and corporate videos. We see video as an effective extension of your website and a great way to put a face on the life of your company. Great video content can communicate your company values at twice the speed and double the enjoyment of a slide presentation.

Tap into social media and upload filmed content to your website and to Youtube. Increase your market share with a well placed TV spot.

Video shows the world who you are. It complements event marketing, enhances your web presence and brings you closer to customers. Great corporate videos make clients far more willing to do business with you.
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